K. Giannaros & SIA OE was established in 1987 by Konstantinos Giannaros who passed away in 1996. Ever since, Vassiliki & Andromachi Giannarou continue to operate the company, which is located in Mandra Attikis_Athens Greece, and as  main activity has the productions and promotion of tin cans.

The company mainly targets  professionals as it provides them with a great range and variety of products.

Some of the products are tins of all sizes from 17/1kl to 1lt suitable for storing olive oil, seed oil, cheese, honey, and  other edible  as well as non edible products such as insulating materials, lubricants, diluters etc.

Company’s headquarters are in Mandra Attikis.

The whole production is environmental friendly and based on ecological awareness.

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